Реферат: The United States of America

   The United States began as a nation of13 states. These were the colonies which had broken away from Great Britain in1776 and fought a six- year War Independence. The original 13 colonies werethen located in the area today occupied by 16 states and 34 other states wereadmitted to union one by one.

   Washington, in the District of Columbia,is the national capital. It was named in honor of George Washington, the 1-stUS president. The whole country west of the original 13 states was surveyed inregular blocks, a mile square. This way of dividing the land is reflected inthe borders of the states.

   One of the famous symbols of the USA isthe Statue of Liberty. Another symbol is the American flag, which is oftencalled “The Stars and Stripes”. As there are 50 states in America there are 50stars on the American flag: one star for each state. It also has seven redstripes and six white stripes. There is one stripe for each of the first 13colonies of the United States.


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  Columbus Day isa great holiday in America. It is celebrated on the second Monday of October.On Columbus Day you can see the American flag everywhere to honor the man whowas the discoverer of their country.

  ChristopherColumbus discovered America in 1492.He was a seaman and made many sea voyagesto the New World. He was born in Italy but lived in Spain for a long time.There is a nice poem about him. The title of the poem is “Let’s RememberColumbus”.


In fourteen hundredand ninety two

Columbus sailed theocean blue…

Let’s sing togetherthis old song

About the voyagethat took him long,

About the sailors,those strong brave men.

Let’s sing andremember them all again.

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